Drumless Song Collection

September 26, 2021
Drumless Song Collection

Drumless Song Playalongs

Have you ever heard a song and gone, "Wow! I wish I could be the drummer for that song!" Well, now's your chance. Here's a collection of songs (some famous, some not quite so famous) where the drums have been removed to be replaced by your awesomeness. Beatbox, airdrum, body percussion, or actually pick up the sticks and knock everyone's socks off. Try to recreate the original epicness, completely make up your own beat, or listen to what the song sounds like without the groovemachine.

The choice is yours, but the main thing to focus on is the fun of it all.

Click on the song title (it's a link) to go to the song... 

Oh, and it's 

Songs You (Probably Should) Know

In no particular order or genre preference, so have fun browsing. At some stage we may add a level of difficulty rating, but I think you'll find out pretty quickly whether something's tough (sometimes it can be really obvious - like.......... anything from Rush). 😎

Generic Drumalongs

Just want to practice without feeling like you are disappointing the rest of the members of a famous band? No worries! Here are some basic drumalong tracks for you. Once again, in no particular order, but the title might give some things away.

Disclaimer: We have not made these resources. We have simply found them and hopefully made them accessible to you. Be sure to thank the makers of the playalongs with subscribes and positive comments. 😎

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"Do Today Well"
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