Muse of the Brave

Multi-genre production band of Brave Music Australia

Who is Muse of the Brave?

Muse of the Brave is the brainchild of Brett Watchorn and Brave Music Australia. Feeling concerned about the possibility of being restricted to only writing in one genre (boring), Brett Watchorn felt it was a great idea to build a band that records music across multiple genres - always keeping the audience on their toes about what they are going to hear next. One minute it may be a cool jazz tune, then a beautiful piano solo, then a bit of electronica, and finishing it off with some blues or country.

Featured Song - Go Home River
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[An ode to the fashion icon, co-written with Laurence Conway]
"I'm smart dressed up
I'm cool dressed down
I can take you to school
Or take you out on the town 
I'm a pair of blue jeans

[A cruisy jazz number about coming home based on
the awesome name of a river in Ontario, Canada.
Co-written with Steve Parisien]
"I'm drifting on the Go Home River
Not too long now, honey
And I'll be knocking on your door
I've been away too long
Do you remember who I am
Still I'm, I'm drifting, drifting, drifting
And I can't wait to get home"

[Some smokin' blues played on a McTrusty Cigar Box Guitar]
"You gotta keep that love smokin' hot 
And you'll never grow old..."

[A soothing instrumental for those times you just cannot find the words...]

{Written after the funeral of a dear friend, this little piano piece flowed out of the piano to sooth an aching heart]

{This trio of piano pieces takes the listener on a journey from the pain of the broken heart through to the healing]

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