Brett Watchorn


Brett Watchorn is a singer/songwriter NOW based in Esperance, Western Australia. He comes from a strong musical family, with both parents playing in churches and in the local community as he grew up around Australia. Music has always been a part of his life and he couldn't imagine a world without a song. Brett is a devoted Christian, father, songwriter-producer, creative designer, music teacher and studio engineer.

Brett is a multi-instrumentalist, but tends to gravitate towards piano (his first instrument), guitar and ukulele. Writing songs since his late teens, Brett loves how songs can tell a story, transport you to another time or place, and express something nothing else can express. He believes writing has been a point of challenge and healing and hopes that the audience finds many connection points in his songs.

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"I'm taking this road as far as it goes
Even if I'm driving blind
Maybe I'll find some peace of mind
Or a piece of heaven near Doodlakine"

"I smell the smoke of our fireplace
I see our pictures hanging on the wall
When I walk through my creaky old door
I am home... This is my home"

"I'm drifting on the Go Home River
Not too long now, honey
And I'll be knocking on your door
I've been away too long
Do you remember who I am
Still I'm, I'm drifting, drifting, drifting
And I can't wait to get home"

More songs coming soon...